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Freezer and Storage

Locally Owned & Operated

Welcome & Enjoy!

Taylor Storage and Refridgeration

Short or Long Term

Taylor Cold Storage Facilty

 Frozen and Refrigerated Warehouse Solutions

 Taylor Cold Storage and Facility have the ability to customize a program that can be accommodating to your wants and needs.Serving Austin,Texas and surrounding area throughout Texas.

Taylor Cold Storage

Load & Unload

Taylor Cold Storage

Final Mile Delivery

Locally Owned & Operated since 2002

Why Choose Taylor Cold Storage?

  • Execution…Consistent ….Reliability….Flexibility.“Easy to Do Business With…”

  • Willing to do whatever it takes to meet or exceed your expectations!

  • These are just a few reasons why companies choose to work with Taylor Cold Storage.

Taylor Cold Storage and Freezer

Customer Service

"They delivered 173 cases of wine to our wine storage area at 360 Self Storage, while keeping it cold per the customer's request. He and I were both very pleased with their careful, professional, hard-working service. I highly recommend O'Brien Meats & Taylor Cold Storage!"
Ray Dickey

David Maddox 


Heidi Owen Bollinger

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