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Freezer and Storage

Locally Owned & Operated

About Us

Taylor Cold Storage

Founded in 2002, we are a storage facility for frozen and refrigerated product in the Austin, Texas area. For over a decade we have been providing customers large and small with receiving, storage and distribution services. We have the ability to customize a program that can be accommodating to your wants and needs. We also offer medium size re-delivery service in the state of Texas. Contact Us for Solution>>

Simple Yet important Mission:

We strive provide a service level to our customers that is often advertised but seldom delivered. Our facility provides the room, racks, and refrigeration but it is our people who provide the service that sets Taylor Cold Storage apart from the rest. At Taylor Cold Storage each individual is considered an important link in creating a team dedicated to uncompromising quality and customer service

When experience counts, you can rely on Taylor Cold Storage. Our staff has well over ten years of experience in the Public Refrigerated Warehousing industry.

May 2020: Taylor Cold Storage is now part of Frozen Logistics

We're excited to announce that Taylor Cold Storage is now part of Frozen Logistics, central Texas' new leader in cold storage facilities, inventory management and order fulfillment. We have exciting plans to grow our capability, and look forward to partnering with TCS' existing customers on that journey. Wesley O'Brien will continue to be part of the team, don't hesitate to reach out to us to learn how we can continue to meet your needs going forward  Click here to read the full news article>>

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